1. On the menu screen

look for the Parents / Teachers button. If red, then in Teacher Mode.

To get the app that enables Teacher Mode, go to the PC version download page at https://programmingzemi.com/download_pc.html and download the Windows version or Android version or mac version. Please inquire separately for the iOS version.

In Teacher Mode, you can restrict the blocks that may be used, hide Event blocks or Create blocks, and change Create block color. You can also hide some sprites or make them not movable. Teachers can use these functions to adapt Programming Zemi to the level of their students and create their own teaching materials.

While a user is using the app, it will not be possible to change their status between Teacher and Student using the Space management service. Having the user tap the Back button on the bottom left of the menu screen will enable you to change their status to Teacher Mode using the Space management service.